To walk alongside families
to raise up the next generation
that will stand boldly for
Christ in all areas of life.

Harp’s Crossing Christian Academy, a ministry of Harp’s Crossing Baptist Church, encourages the development of the whole child: mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. Our goal is to provide quality education in a Christian environment and to support families in the important task of child rearing. We hope to convey through everyday life experiences, classroom curriculum, play, music, art, and Bible lessons that each child is a treasure from God, and He has a plan for each of their lives. It is our ultimate desire that we lead children to love Jesus, train them to walk in Godly character, and prepare them to follow Christ’s plan for their lives through an affordable, Christ-centered education.

The Academy began in February of 2020 with the First day of school on 9/8/2020.

Here are some stats by year.

2020-2021 School Year:
• 1’s – 5th grade
• Approximately 140 students
• 18-20 preschool teachers
• 9 academy teachers (including kindergarten)
• 32 baptisms

2021-2022 School Year
• Babies – 6th grade
• Approximately 240 students
• 20-22 preschool teachers
• 15 academy teachers
• 17 baptisms

2022-2023 School Year
• Babies – 7th grade
• Approximately 340 students
• 20-22 preschool teachers
• 18 academy teachers
• 9 baptisms (as of 2/1/23)

2023-2024 School Year
• Babies – 8th Grade
• Approximately 380 Students
• 25 Pre-School Teachers
• 25 Academy Teachers